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Project Description: Bay Plate Ambient Media & Mobile Marketing Campaign

ITA Logistics - Cyphers Agency Bayplate Contest

Client: Chesapeake Bay Trust c/o The Cyphers Agency

Location: Maryland (Statewide)

Objectives: Increase awareness about Chesapeake Bay License Plates. The primary objective of the campaign was to educate consumers about how monies raised from Bay Plate Sales are utilized. The secondary objective was to increase future Bay Plate Sales. Act as a liaison between Chesapeake Bay Trust and General Public. Identify and secure locations: The ambient media and mobile marketing campaign would focus on schools, parks, community centers and trash receptacles all over the state of Maryland. Create a multi-faceted mobile marketing Text-to-Win campaign.

Timeframe: 3 Months

Execution (Ambient Media): Public Schools, Parks, Community Centers, and Refuse Collection Companies all over the state were contacted in order to secure locations for signage. Written permission was obtained from each location. Production was supervised and coordinated by ITA. Signage was then delivered and installed at each location to ensure the best visibility by vehicles and foot traffic alike. Locations were notified by email and mail prior to installation. Locations were also notified by email and mail at the end of the campaign.

Execution (Mobile Marketing): Coordinated and Developed a multi-faceted Text-to-Win campaign in which users were prompted to: 1) Text in mobile photos of the signage, 2) Text in a Keyword, 3) Respond to an automated request for “their reason why they love the Bay.” Monitored and managed database. Compiled and sent weekly reports to the Agency with essential information (phone numbers, timestamps and keyword responses). Sent follow-up messages to first 100 responders.

Cyhers Won and ADDY!!!Results: The Cyphers Agency won an ADDY because of our efforts!! The mobile marketing campaign built a database of 300+ Names, Addresses, Email Addresses, and Mobile Phone Numbers. The campaign also developed a interactive two-way conversation between the Consumer and Client.