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It’s Hard to Ignore a Smiling Face!

“There’s no better way to connect with the consumer than face-to-face.”

Our hand picked Brand Ambassadors are educated about your products or services, and then are dispatched to spread the word. Street team possibilities are endless. ITA Promotions will work diligently to make your dreams a reality, and ultimately deliver a positive brand experience to the consumer.

Check out the St. Joseph’s Medical Center Heart Aware Campaign

Project Description: St. Joseph’s Heart Aware iPad Survey Team

Client: St. Joseph’s Medical Center c/o Crosby Marketing Communications, Inc.

Location: Towson, MD (Towson Town Center & Kenilworth Mall)

Objectives: Increase awareness about heart disease. Determine individual levels of risk via a custom generated health assessment. Generate a database of “at risk” individuals for future follow-up. Use iPad tablet technology linked to wireless printers to generate and print personalized heart health assessments.

Timeframe: 2 Days

Execution (Technology): Eight iPads were custom configured to run an HTML survey over a WI-FI connection. The iPads were then wirelessly linked to a bank of 4 wireless HP color laser printers with built in wireless 3G internet connections.

Execution (Street Team): Coordinated and dispatched eight street teamers at Towson Town Center and Kenilworth Mall to qualify shoppers and assist with the survey. Street Teamers demonstrated how to use the iPad and were on hand to assist with questions. When the shopper completed the survey, the team member printed their health assessment and gave the shopper a t-shirt and information about the hospital.

Results: The event was a HUGE success! 300+ surveys were collected in a total of 8 hours. The end Client was ecstatic with the results, and Crosby Marketing was so thrilled with the outcome that they decided to feature this event in their Corporate Marketing Materials!

 Check out the MHSO Streetsmart Campaign

Project Description: Pedestrian Safety
Client: Maryland Highway Safety Office c/o Integrated Designs, Inc.
Location: Baltimore, MD (Inner Harbor) & Essex, MD

Objectives: Increase awareness about pedestrian safety. This campaign was directed at
both drivers and pedestrians. High incident areas needed to be targeted: Baltimore City
(Pratt & Lombard Streets) and Essex/Middle River.

Timeframe: 3 Days

Execution: Two sign spinners were placed at two different
high-traffic locations during prime travel times on three
consecutive days. This produced excellent awareness for
pedestrians and drivers alike. Two flyer distributors also worked
for three consecutive days covering a 1.5 mile radius of the “high
incident areas” interacting with pedestrians, renters and homeowners.

Results: A total of 8,500 flyers were distributed to pedestrians and residences in the
target areas. Pedestrians all over the target area expressed gratitude for our efforts to
make the streets safer.

Check out the Watergate Village Apartments Campaign

Project Description: Watergate Village Tug-O-War Street Team

Client: Bernstein Management Corporation

Location: Annapolis, MD (Eastport)

Objectives: Increase awareness about Watergate Village Apartments. Drive traffic to Watergate Village Apartments.

Timeframe: 1 Day

Execution: Four brand ambassadors were dispatched to the Eastport-Annapolis Tug-O-War street festival. The brand ambassadors made their way through the crowd, interacting with attendees and educating them about Watergate Village Apartments.

Results: A total of 4,000 flyers were distributed over a 4 hour timeframe. Generated EXCELLENT brand awareness and spurred several impromptu testimonials for the Watergate Village.

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