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Non-Traditional Advertising

What is non-traditional advertising?

Non-traditional advertising is comprised of unconventional strategies designed to capture interest through creativity and unpredictably. This unorthodox approach to marketing grabs the audience’s attention and both the choice of medium and messaging options are limitless.

ITA was born “Idle Time Advertising” because we locally pioneered non-traditional advertising tactics for
already standing or sitting audiences —with the placement of promotional coasters in bars and restaurants and billboards in public restrooms.

See how we’ve been able to help local businesses promote themselves in unique and memorable ways

Make Your Next Ad Campaign More Unique And Impactful


“Working with Idle Time has increased our business tremendously! It may seem funny to think that bathroom advertising could bring business though the door, but it truly does. Josh and Amy are so easy to work with, make changes on our current advertising, and communicate quickly which is important in this fast-paced world. Trust us, use Idle Time."

D. Muncie
Cypress Creek Therapy

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