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What Our Clients Are Saying:

  • Idle Time Advertising and Maggio Web Design have collaborated on several projects together. At all times Josh Sweat has gone above and beyond for clients on projects that we have shared. I have met with Josh on several occasions to discuss various projects and strategies and have always felt his clients' success was a priority to him.

    J. Maggio

    Hawk Marketing
  • I’ve worked with ITA Promotions on several projects. The team is very organized and always comes through in a crunch!

    K. Swift

    Sherry Matthews Group
  • ITA is a detailed oriented company with whom I trust. Their ideas were right on the same page as mine, so therefore the outcome was exactly what I was expecting… and visually our customers could see that

    A. Forbes

    The Cyphers Agency
  • Josh Sweat and his company, Idle Time Advertising, have been wonderful partners. They are exceptionally reliable and provide high-quality, consistent work for us. I highly recommend their services to my clients’ time and time again

    K. Robinson

    Crosby Marketing

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What Our Brand Ambassadors Are Saying:

  • ITA Promotions is one of the most personable companies I have ever had the pleasure to work with. They pay promptly, schedule fun promotions, and work with you side by side. My experiences with the company never really felt like work. People we engaged were genuinely interested in what we were promoting, and I felt like I was making a positive difference in the markets I was assigned. Great company to work for; I will always respond to their casting calls

    S. Morrison

  • ITA Promotions was one of the best promotional companies I have worked with in DC. They are friendly, direct and allow you to add your own flair to help the promotion. I had a great time at the ‘See Something Say Something’ Metro events. If my help were ever needed again, I wouldn't hesitate to answer with a simple 'Yes'.

    T. Jones

  • Each time I've worked for ITA Promotions they've been extremely organized and have run a great event. They're even willing to pitch in themselves and it just shows how committed they are to delivering the best results for their clients. With dedication like that, I'm sure they'll continue to have great success.

    C. Engel

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