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Meaningful Public Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement

At the very core of ITA's mission is to provide unmatched customer service and exceptional multi-lingual public outreach staffing.

We understand that a foundation of trust among and across organizations and sectors starts with basic one-to-one conversations. That is why we developed an in-depth ambassador screening and onboarding process to develop a qualified pool of more than 300 professionals with a proven track record in successful public engagement for government and corporate initiatives.


300 Ambassadors in the Database


Fluent in 8 Languages
(English, Spanish, Amharic, Mandarin, Korean, Vietnamese, Russian, and American Sign Language)


Spanish-Speaking Engagements
(For One Campaign in just over 12 Months)


100 Essential Transit Ambassadors
Deployed during the peak of COVID-19 area shutdowns!

“ITA staff brings professionalism, initiative, and attention to detail to all of their assignments. When we team with ITA we know that we can count on them to bring 110% to every project and that every aspect will be handled with great care. Whether preparing a staffing schedule, writing a report, or routine interactions, they always respond promptly. Furthermore, ITA’s public outreach staff is professional and genuine in all their interactions with the public. We look forward to continuing to grow our companies together.”

S. Johnson
Sharp & Company

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