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The Right People Make the Right Impact

Corporate Outreach in DC, Maryland and Virginia

Low-energy ambassadors, language barriers, inadequate signage, and ambiguous messaging are just a few reasons why corporate public outreach campaigns fall flat. The results for your organization? A lack of focus, unmet goals and skewed metrics.

Your next outreach campaign will only be successful IF ambassadors:
  • Speak Clearly and Listen Attentively
  • Feel Comfortable with Public Interactions
  • Are Punctual and Reliable
  • Adhere to Grooming Guidelines
  • Friendly, Smile Often and Have Positive Attitudes
  • Get Your Messages to the Right People
ITA deploys only the highest-skilled, multilingual individuals who meet all of the above criteria. Our rigorous focus on recruitment and onboarding allows us to hire the right people to execute critical campaign outreach for our clients in an efficient and meaningful manner.

Our teams get the results you need because of our earnest ability to interact with all relevant stakeholders wherever they may fall within the the spectrum of race, national origin, native speaking language, sexual orientation or income.

We also pride ourselves on being consistent and delivering the most comprehensive campaign reports and metrics that exceed client expectations for each and every corporate project, no matter how big or how small.
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“ITA does a great job at our events working the crowd and promoting our message. They are easy to work with and are a complement to our advertising campaigns. We would definitely work with them again for future client campaigns.”

E. Hoover
Siquis Marketing

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